What is American Gold?

American Gold CBD is an all-natural, organic, CBD formula available in various ingestion and application methods. American Gold CBD is available in tinctures, capsules, topical creams, gummies and vapes. We pride ourselves in our raw materials, extraction method, and production to deliver the best product we can.


Is American Gold CBD Effective?

Absolutely! We are so confident that you will love American Gold CBD that we are pioneering the industry's BEST satisfaction guarantee of 67 days! No need to pay any restocking fees! You can contact us either through our Toll Free Customer Support number, by email or by submitting a contact form on our CONTACT US page


Is American Gold CBD the Best CBD Supplement?

We believe American Gold is the best CBD supplement available. Through the meticulous production process, we have not cut any corners from Hemp Seed to Final Product.


How long do I have to wait to see results with American Gold CBD?

An individual should take American Gold CBD as per Suggested Use on the label. Preferably in the morning and at night for best results. Its core purpose is to provide users a solution. American Gold CBD is absorbed by the body in as quickly as a couple minutes after the first dose.


Is American Gold CBD Safe to Take?

Absolutely!  American Gold CBD is specifically formulated to be safe to take for all individuals. American Gold CBD's Hemp Oil based formula relies on ingredient synergy rather than on ingredient dosing, which keeps the dosage low, while creating results in CBD Supplements. The high-potency. low-dosage matrix reduces the side effects, which are far too common with other supplements. As no supplement is 100% free from potential side effects, we advise customers with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and angina, as well as diabetic patients, to seek the advice of their physician before taking any supplement.


Is American Gold CBD shipped discretely?

We believe that it is in our Customer's best interest that we ship American Gold CBD discretely. American Gold CBD is Packed and sent in an unmarked box, without any kind of hint as to what kind of product is in the box. We respect our Customer's privacy, and believe that this is th best way to deliver our product to you without compromising it.


Does American Gold offer a guarantee?

Only the Best Guarantee in the Industry!

American Gold, LLC offers you a money back guarantee that allows you to return your products with 67 days of ordering. Our guarantee is as simple as CONTACTING US.